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Thermo-Stone's integrated heating element features a resistive thin film applied on the surface of an insulative substrate. Thermo-Stone's advanced film deposition system provides exceptionally uniform coverage on ceramic, glass/ceramic and porous ceramic, quartz, glass, BeO, porcelainized metal, and 400 stainless steel. A number of geometries can be used such as; flat panels with heat generated on either or both surfaces, louvered panels, irregular shapes, interconnecting panels, and tubes with inside or outside heat generation. The heaters are stable at continuous operating temperatures up to 500° C or more, depending upon the substrate. Watt density is up to 800 watts per square inch or more depending on substrate and application.

The Thermo-Stone heater "spreads the energy" evenly over a surface, minimizing temperature, saving energy, and lowering demand loads, The entire surface becomes the "active" heat source which more effectively transfers energy. Thermo-Stone heaters deliver the power at lower temperatures reducing design complexity and saving space. Our process improves energy efficiency and allows for more accurate temperature control.

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