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Thermo-Stone's integrated heating element features a resistive thin film applied on the surface of an insulative substrate. Thermo-Stone's advanced film deposition system provides exceptionally uniform coverage on porcelainized metal, 400 stainless steel, glass family, ceramic family, glass/ceramic and porous ceramic. » Read More

Technical Information

Our advanced film deposition system integrates the heater with the surface of the substrate resulting in a very uniform radiant heater.

Thin Film Heaters

Thermo-Stone's thin film heating element features a conductive thin film applied to the surface of an insulative substrate.

Tube Heaters

Thermo-Stone's thin film technology integrates heaters on tubular substrates to provide efficient heat transfer and fast response.

Porous Heaters

Thermo-Stone thin film heaters have offered several innovative solutions for efficient heating solutions.

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